Articles by Lyta Gold

The World’s Most Honest Crossword Puzzle

It’s depressing for the whole family!

Nation Of Bones

Reflecting on death and skeletons in the “post”-pandemic world.

Inside the Incel

A new documentary shows why the controversial internet subculture is such a tough topic to cover.

Mike Duncan on History, Revolutions, and the Future

The past was a lot messier than we tend to imagine, and the future does not look promising.

Barack Obama: International Problem Solver

There’s only one ex-president with the courage, hope, and vision to raise awareness about the issues!

Take the Quiz: Which Shape Are You?

Might you be a glorious blorp, or a monstrous scutoid? There’s only one way to be sure!

The Nest Wing by Aaron Squawkin

It’s time to flock together—for freedom.

Presenting The 2020 “Griftie” Awards

Precedented times or not, the grift stops for no man. Today, Current Affairs celebrates.

Current Affairs Presents: Liberated Cosmopolitan

Seize the means of reproduction with these five *sizzling* slogans!

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