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The Nest Wing by Aaron Squawkin

It’s time to flock together—for freedom.

In these troubled times, the nation’s divisions run deeper than ever. Our values are being questioned. Our sacred institutions are under attack. Our most beloved Michelin star restaurants have been forced to erect tiny cabins in the street just to put food on our tables. Yes, things are dire.

But hope is on the horizon. After a long national nightmare caused by a leader we shall not name—and whose rise we shall not attempt to understand in any meaningful way—reason once again rules the land. The adults are back in charge.

Or are they? For in the upside-down world of modern politics, friends may become enemies (and vice versa) at the drop of a feather. Only the savvy survive, and only the pragmatic prosper.

Welcome…to the Nest Wing, which is basically “The West Wing” but everybody is crows.

Art by Nick Sirotich

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