Articles by Sparky Abraham

The Problem of Private Schools

It’s a well-known fact that private schools perpetuate inequality. But is abolishing them the answer?

Should We Just Open the Borders?

A look at the cute but troublingly framed argument for open borders by Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith.

Student Debt Forgiveness: Let’s Do Some Math

What would it cost to wipe out everybody’s student loans? The answer may surprise you.

Why “Free Stuff” Is Good

Funding public services through taxation instead of usage fees is fair and eliminates bureaucracy. We should do more of it.

Cetacean Needed

The “battlenose dolphin” and other militarized marine life.

Uber and Lyft Go Back On Their Promise To Harassment Victims

Both promised to stop requiring arbitration. Both companies are still making victims surrender their rights.

Water Is For Fighting

How a profit-driven approach to water rights left the west high and dry…

The Case For Free College

Is it “regressive”? No, and that’s the wrong question…

This Burrito Includes an Arbitration Clause

Corporations are steadily taking away your right to sue over wrongdoing…

How Student Debt Is Worsening Gender And Racial Injustice

Women and people of color have less wealth yet pay more to go to college…

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