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Where the Gay Things Are

Gay marriage was a victory, we’re told—but a victory for what?

What Is Fascism—And Why the Definition Matters

The label “fascism” gets tossed around a lot—but that doesn’t mean it lacks a coherent definition, or belongs solely to a bygone past. The political formation we call fascism is still very much alive, and very dangerous.

There Is No “Birth Rate Crisis”

Why the coming “baby bust” isn’t a problem at all, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something very, very sinister.

Something’s Cooking Down in Alabama

There’s a stew of social change starting to bubble, and things are about to get interesting.

Larry Hogan and the Mushy Middle

The Maryland governor’s COVID-era memoir is a study in moral cowardice.

Libertarian Rex

How “the king” of St. Louis was defeated—for now—and how you too can topple your local hometown billionaire.

The Banality of Merit: Unlearning Obama

Maybe there’s more to being a good person than being smart and working hard.

Laws Apparently Just Don’t Apply to Presidents

Now that Biden has bombed Syria in direct violation of international and domestic law, it’s hard to believe Democrats who talk about the importance of rules.

Texas Republicans Discover the True Meaning of Free Markets

With customers facing shockingly high power bills, Ted Cruz has a revelation that what is good for corporations is not, in fact, good for everyone.

How Centrism Loses, Even When It Wins: A Mathematical Model

Relentlessly chasing the elusive political center isn’t just shortsighted—it’s downright disastrous.

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