Articles in Politics

The Insidious Influence of the Arms Industry on Foreign Policy

Nobody with any affiliation to a weapons company should be allowed to hold government office.

The Limits of Descriptive Representation

After the disappointment of the Obama years, we need a new way to think about diversity in politics.

The Horrible Politics of $1,400 Checks

Why on earth would Democrats not pass $2,000 checks as promised?

Build Back Better for Whom? How Neoliberalism (Re)creates Disaster Risks

There’s a lot more to Biden’s campaign slogan than meets the eye.

Why We Don’t Need a New Domestic Terror Law

The government already has all the power it needs…

What a Better Biden Would Say About Student Loan Debt

A hypothetical speech from the president-elect on the state of higher education in the United States.

The Fraudulent Universalism of Barack Obama

The 44th president’s new memoir showcases his impressive storytelling skills—and the dishonesty and shallowness of the stories he tells.

How Bad Bureaucracy Sabotages Democracy

It’s not an accident that applying for subsidized housing or disability insurance is such a nightmare.

The Case for Forcing a Floor Vote on Medicare for All

Briahna Joy Gray on why forcing Pelosi into a floor vote is one important part of a broader strategy for building progressive power.

They Will Kill Your Library, Too

Public services are piggy banks, and in times of crisis, they will be smashed and raided.

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