Articles by Yasmin Nair

Where the Gay Things Are

Gay marriage was a victory, we’re told—but a victory for what?

New York: The Invention of an Imaginary City

How nostalgic fantasies about the “authentic” New York City obscure the real-world place.

A Better Son Or Daughter

Donald Trump, amnesia, and a capitalist fable.

The Politics of Publishing

Fixing the publishing industry will require eliminating exploitation, not just improving representation.

Can We Save Facebook?

Is social media irredeemable? Or is capitalism, once again, the real villain?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Why gay nonprofits fail and yet survive…

Inclusion In The Atrocious

A diversity agenda is morally meaningless unless we examine the institutions we are diversifying…

Riding the Hashtag

How elites embrace the veneer of radicalism…

The Dangerous Academic is an Extinct Species

If these ever existed at all, they are now deader than dodos…

Bourgeois Feminist Bullshit

The Rebecca Traister view of gender and the world…

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