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Meet The Democratic Socialist Holding Barack Obama’s Old State Senate Seat

In conversation with activist legislator Robert Peters about how leftists can operate “on the inside,” how to get your bills signed into law, and how leftists can adopt effective messaging on public safety and violence.

Tenant Organizing in Washington D.C. and Beyond

Despite the eviction moratorium, the housing crisis is still severe. This interview, originally from August 2019, explains several ways that tenants can successfully fight their landlords.

Can Florida’s Sunshine Socialist Bring Working Class Politics to St. Pete?

Richie Floyd is a schoolteacher and DSA member running for St. Petersburg’s city council. He spoke to us about how the left can win in Florida.

Pavlina Tcherneva on MMT and the Jobs Guarantee

Is a jobs guarantee good? What would an MMT-infused version look like?

The Origins of ‘Is MMT Real?’

It all starts with some questions and a chat with Stephanie Kelton.

Mike Duncan on History, Revolutions, and the Future

The past was a lot messier than we tend to imagine, and the future does not look promising.

Thomas Frank on Populism, Cool Brands, and the Problem With the Democratic Party

The author of “Listen, Liberal” and “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” shares his thoughts on the slow, ugly decline of the American empire.

Raúl Carrillo on MMT’s Connection to Student Debt

Millions of Americans urgently need student debt relief. Modern monetary theory might offer a solution.

Professor Elizabeth Anderson on Workplace Democracy and Feminist Philosophy

A fulfilling life requires more than a certain amount of stuff—people also need control over decisions that affect them.

Rachel Cohen on the Great Charter School Controversy

Charter schools were pitched as a solution for America’s broken education system. Have they actually delivered on their promise?

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