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Meet The Democratic Socialist Holding Barack Obama’s Old State Senate Seat

In conversation with activist legislator Robert Peters about how leftists can operate “on the inside,” how to get your bills signed into law, and how leftists can adopt effective messaging on public safety and violence.

Barbara Ehrenreich on Medicine, Macrophages, and Megafauna…

A discussion of the Wellness craze, how science adapts to new information, and the human idea of the self.

Michael Moore On the 2020 Election, Trump’s Brain, and What We Can Do Next

Michael Moore and Nathan J. Robinson take a deep dive into Trump’s bizarre appeal and the reasons why the election outcome is impossible to predict.

Wendell Potter on How the Health Insurance Industry Manipulates Public Opinion

The former Cigna executive on how corporations protect their profits by lying to Americans about single-payer healthcare.

The Adventures of Bat & Robin

Can these perfectly normal persons successfully retrieve a lost package? Find out in this issue of Bat & Robin!

A Very Nice and Polite [2019] Argument with Ezra Klein

Revisit this 2019 sitdown between Current Affairs editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson and founder and editor-at-large of Vox, Ezra Klein. Together, they debate (in a very friendly manner) the successes and failures of the Bernie Sanders campaign, incremental change versus radical change, and whether Nathan was justified in writing mean things about Vox in 2016.

How Big Is a Billion, Really?

How much is a billion, really? Well, it’s more than the human brain can even begin to conceptualize. But if you’d like to try, Current Affairs has the illustrations for you!

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on Why Racism Has Been Profitable

The author of “Race for Profit” on how capitalism has restricted Black wealth accumulation.

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