Articles by Brianna Rennix

Making Sense of the ‘Border Crisis’

Migrants are enduring horrific conditions while politicians squabble about terminology.

Valentines to Melt Your ICE-y Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! ICE still exists.

Trial by Combat and the Myths of Our Modern Legal System

Conflict resolution has changed a bit since the Middle Ages, but not as much as you might think.

The Refreshing Gender Politics of ‘The Rise of Phoenixes’

Seeing yourself on screen is a beautiful thing, even if you need subtitles.

Min-terview: Brianna Rennix, Leftenant Editor

Do you find yourself wishing your favorite leftist publication had more swordsmithing content? We have just the editor for you.

Think of the Children

Children, for all of the sentimentality we project onto them, are extremely weird, sometimes terrifying, and will always understand more than we think.

Enduring the Bureaucracy

The false starts and road blocks of bureaucracy are annoying to all, but increasingly deadly for many.

Can Hierarchy Be Justified?

Editors Brianna Rennix and Nathan J. Robinson assess the case for hierarchies, and what they mean for the rocks and minerals.

The Peculiarity of Gender

It’s a complicated subject! Let’s talk about it.

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