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The Dangerous Ideas of “Longtermism” and “Existential Risk”

So-called rationalists have created a disturbing secular religion that looks like it addresses humanity’s deepest problems, but actually justifies pursuing the social preferences of elites.

Software Licensing Is A Scam

Big Tech increasingly takes on the role of landlord rather than retailer, spawning an industry of bullshit that begs the question—what is it all for?

Putting the ‘Capitalism’ in ‘Surveillance Capitalism’

In the 21st century, every life experience is a monetizable data point.

Why We Should All Fear Facebook’s Oversight Board

A dark new world of private government is upon us.

The Shallowness of What Tech Calls Thinking

The smartest people on Earth have a surprising lack of curiosity.

How SEO Is Gentrifying the Internet

Discover the one weird trick that’s ruining everything you love about being online.

A Series of Tubes: Reclaiming the Physical Internet

Who owns the internet? Everyone but us. Sparky Abraham makes a case for nationalizing the infrastructure of an increasingly online world.

The Singularity Prophets

The Singularity’s not coming to save us, but that doesn’t stop the world’s worst people from trying to bring it about.

The Fake Nerd Boys of Silicon Valley

Managing Editor Lyta Gold on Star Trek, Silicon Valley’s lack of imagination, and the arrival of an unexpected future.

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