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Naomi Klein on Climate Change, the Green New Deal, and Determination

The coronavirus has eclipsed all other news, but climate issues are as real and as imperative as ever. Naomi Klein sat down with our editors to explain what the stakes are and what options we still have available.

Highlights from the “Ask Me Anything” with Nathan J. Robinson

Your questions answered! (Or at the very least, artfully evaded.)

Timothy Faust on “Health Justice Now!”

An interview with healthcare expert Tim Faust about single payer.

Ana Kasparian on Independent Media and More

The host and executive producer of The Young Turks/No Filter discusses Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, objectivity, and progressive journalism.

Rethinking “Ownership”

Mat Lawrence of Common Wealth on what new economic structures could look like…

Interview: Abdul El-Sayed on Medicare For All and More

The former gubernatorial candidate discusses Medicare for All, his political bid, and health in Detroit…

A Chat With Chomsky

The legendary intellectual on academia, knowledge, “free markets,” and the willingness to be puzzled…

INTERVIEW: Ralph Nader On His Crusading Career

The veteran consumer advocate on how to change the world…

INTERVIEW: Natalie Wynn of ContraPoints

The leftist YouTube star on dismantling bad right-wing arguments, and how to fight fascism while having fun…

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