Articles by Aisling McCrea

A Show of Genius

Welcome to a reality show where nothing is as it seems.

The Last Round

A short story about golf, obsession, and change.

No Man Is An Island?

Why you should (or shouldn’t) take to the sea and build your very own micronation.

BREAKING: Current Affairs Reveals its 2020 Endorsement

The Current Affairs endorsement process is a lengthy, harrowing ordeal. We now present to you the results of 23 minutes of staggering effort.

At The Edge

On Britain’s strange fascination with knife crime.

Cetacean Needed

The “battlenose dolphin” and other militarized marine life.

Rethinking “Ownership”

Mat Lawrence of Common Wealth on what new economic structures could look like…

I Have No Idea What “Hard Work” Means

And probably neither do you…

The Love Interest

A male novelist receives an unwanted surprise…

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