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The Job Search Maze

*Hint: There is no solution to the job maze. The system is flawed and there is no hope.

Why Biology Can’t Tell Us How To Organize Society

Peter Kropotkin thought mutual aid in the animal kingdom showed cooperation comes naturally. But we shouldn’t defer to nature in moral questions.

The Dangerous Ideas of “Longtermism” and “Existential Risk”

So-called rationalists have created a disturbing secular religion that looks like it addresses humanity’s deepest problems, but actually justifies pursuing the social preferences of elites.

Why Critical Race Theory Should Be Taught In Schools

The real tragedy is that there isn’t enough CRT in the classroom.

Can Florida’s Sunshine Socialist Bring Working Class Politics to St. Pete?

Richie Floyd is a schoolteacher and DSA member running for St. Petersburg’s city council. He spoke to us about how the left can win in Florida.

Who Actually Gets to Create Black Pop Culture?

A closer look at the economics of Black pop culture reveals that most Black creators (outside music) come from middle-to-upper middle class backgrounds, while the Black poor are written about but rarely get the chance to speak for themselves.

The Rich Hippie’s Guide to Happiness

Life isn’t all diamond-infused cocktails and teleporting to private islands, even for the rich and famous!

Cooking for the Clueless

How I became slightly less useless in the kitchen: introducing a new Current Affairs video series.

Albert Einstein, the Pro-Palestinian Socialist

How the renowned physicist started out as a Zionist but ended up opposing the occupation of Palestine, and why everyone would rather talk about his science than his politics.

The Secret Life of Jeffrey Bezos

The divorced chief executive of a shipping company fantasizes about being a spacefaring superhero.

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