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What Rights Do We Have On Social Media?

It’s absolutely good that Donald Trump was suspended. But unilateral censorship decisions by tech companies are not something we should ultimately celebrate.

The International Phenomenon of “Cancel Culture”

The West’s staunchest defenders of viewpoint diversity are curiously silent about the most pressing threats to free speech.

Forty Years Later, “9 to 5” Still Speaks the Truth

It’s been four decades since the iconic Dolly Parton-Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin film dropped, and it’s as relevant as ever.

The Politics of Thrillers

Under the slick suits and high tension shootouts, America’s favorite thrillers are hiding something.

Why the Revolutionary Reporting of Rodolfo Walsh Matters Today

U.S. journalists could learn a lot from Walsh’s fearless coverage of the Argentine military junta.

Horrors Aren’t Heartwarming

Workers walking six miles and nurses scrounging up sick leave isn’t heartwarming- it’s an indictment of the system that forces them to.

The Limits of Liberal Comedy

Why are liberals detrimentally unfunny, and what’s the left’s stake in comedy?

Hollywood, the Bush Years, and America’s Memory Hole

Our memories of history are shaped, in large part, by popular movies. What can we learn from the (few) films made about the Bush administration?

A Guide For High School Students On How To Avoid Propaganda

It is extremely difficult to tell the frauds and charlatans from the truth-tellers. Be vigilant and learn to think critically.

The Reputation Launderers

Talking with monsters like they’re not monsters isn’t journalism- it’s cowardice.

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