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On Experiencing Joe Rogan

The popular podcaster holds some ugly reactionary views and needs to do more research before he speaks. But his audience are people that leftists should want to persuade, and trying to stifle him will likely backfire. What we need is better, more trustworthy media.

How To Make Money By Getting Everyone To Hate You

British media personality Piers Morgan believes he will be “canceled” for his asinine opinions. In fact, there’s always an audience for this type of arsehole.

How To End Up Serving The Right

Journalists Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi are known for exposing the crimes of the police, the military, and Wall Street. But they also spout dangerous conservative hyperbole about The Left. What’s going on?

Why the Panic Over Trans Kids?

A recent wave of pseudoscholarship and pseudojournalism has encouraged people to fret about a Trans Trend that is supposedly luring vulnerable cisgender children into risky medical procedures.

‘Deaths of Despair’ and the Failure of Capitalism

When McKinsey praises your book, it’s a sign—and not a particularly good one.

Triggering the Right: The Role of Language in the Culture Wars

Often words can obscure as much as they reveal. That’s just how the right likes it.

Looking Back on ‘The Age of Entitlement’

Christopher Caldwell’s book raises some interesting questions, but its answers leave much to be desired.

The Vapid Deceit of Joe Scarborough’s Book About Truman

The ex-GOP goon’s tedious hagiography of the only man to drop atomic bombs on helpless civilians is full of omissions and euphemisms, and devoid of any conscience.

Inside the Incel

A new documentary shows why the controversial internet subculture is such a tough topic to cover.

The Problem With Influencers

They’re not just manipulating your emotions—they’re changing how you experience the world.

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