Articles in Education

Why Critical Race Theory Should Be Taught In Schools

The real tragedy is that there isn’t enough CRT in the classroom.

What Is The Value of “Intellectual Diversity”?

Multiple points of view are valuable in many domains, but consensus is often critical.

Calm Down, The Classics Aren’t Going Anywhere

Conservatives are furious that Princeton has dropped a Latin and Greek requirement. But far from a reduction in standards, it’s a way of improving and expanding classics education.

Lessons From the Disaster of Zoom Teaching

The last year has exposed the limitations of teaching with tech.

Universities Are Still Gambling With Students’ Lives

Across the country, institutions have made it clear they value tuition dollars over public safety.

Elite Universities Should Be Eliminated

Even when their admissions processes aren’t corrupt, elite universities provide little benefit to society at large.

We Don’t Know Our Potential

A new book argues that socialism is necessary because innate differences in intelligence expose meritocracy as a sham. Socialism is indeed good, but this particular argument fails utterly.

When Charter Schools Meet the Military Industrial Complex

Of all the corners we cut when distributing public funds, the effects on education may be the most insidious and unjust.

The Dead World of Blippi

The loneliness and sterility of children’s “educational” videos in the Trump era.

What’s New About Free College?

The fight over free education is much older than you think.

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