Articles by Daniel Walden

Calm Down, The Classics Aren’t Going Anywhere

Conservatives are furious that Princeton has dropped a Latin and Greek requirement. But far from a reduction in standards, it’s a way of improving and expanding classics education.

The Longest Night

Our favorite Christianity correspondent, Dan Walden, on the meaning of Christmas.

Merit, Access, and Swordsmanship

Dan Walden examines what makes life worth living, according to sleeper masterpiece “The Last Samurai”.

Was Jesus A Socialist?

Well, he wasn’t a libertarian. Dan Walden talks Lawrence Reed’s new book, and the many modernities of Jesus.

On Casting Out Fear

Dan Walden on the role of faith in liberation, Matt Walsh’s Church of Cowards, and what you can read instead.

Capitalism As Religion

On Eugene McCarraher’s “The Enchantments of Mammon: How Capitalism Became the Religion of Modernity,” a fascinating study of the ways in which capitalism, despite its purported scientific rationality, is really a perverse kind of religion.

The Cults of Capital

What happens when an apocalyptic pandemic meets the apocalyptic death-cult of neoliberalism?

The Politics of Emergencies

What exactly is an “emergency” and how do we imagine it?

The West According to Ben Shapiro

The falsified history of a man who proudly refuses to do his homework…

Dismantling the “West”

The whole concept of “Western” civilization is faulty and should be dumped…

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