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Our Story

The rise of Current Affairs has been the subject of many salacious rumors. Since growing into an international multimedia powerhouse, Current Affairs has attracted the admiration and envy of countless people, birds, and invertebrates. We hear the whispers. To set the record straight, it is our pleasure to provide for you a brief history of our organization.

Current Affairs was launched by roommates Oren Nimni and Nathan J. Robinson via a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, which promised “a new print magazine of political analysis, satire, and entertainment” that would “bring wit, color, and verve back to print media!” With $16,607 of their $10,000 goal raised, the magazine Current Affairs (almost named The Navel Observatory) was born!

Since that successful Kickstarter campaign, Current Affairs has been entirely supported by subscriptions, purchases, and donations from readers (along with the occasional bonus Kickstarter). No large corporate donors, no opaque foundations, and no advertisements have contributed to Current Affairs at any time. We have expanded to include a podcast, which is entirely funded by generous Patreon donors, a Newsletter, and video content!

Our Mission Statement

  1. To make the world’s first readable political publication.
  2. To make life joyful again.

Our Operating Structure

Current Affairs, Inc. is a C-Corp which is not profit-seeking. With a small staff (five full-time employees as of Jan 1, 2021), a part-time podmaster, and a volunteer editorial board who are all very passionate about the project, we are working on becoming a truly democratic workplace. As we continue to expand, it is our number one priority to create, live by, and continuously improve our organizational structure and employee handbook. 


  1. All full-time staff are paid equally.
  2. Current Affairs engages no sub-minimum wage ($15) labor. That includes interns; sorry, all the college students in our DMs. [Infrequently, a writer may choose to donate their fee back to Current Affairs, or to a charity of their choice].
  3. Current Affairs is a non-stock corporation. It pays no dividends to any member of staff, including the board members. Though a C-Corp, any revenue Current Affairs makes in excess of expenses is re-invested into the business (e.g. investing in website updates, increasing contributor rates, switching to union made merchandise) or reserved in savings to ensure we can fulfill all our financial obligations.

Our Writers and Artists

Our print and online content would not be possible without our many contributing writers and artists.

Current Affairs executes contracts for each piece of work we commission from a contributor. We pay as soon as we receive finals—often on the same day, but almost always within the week. We do not require contributors to submit invoices or complex paperwork—we just send the money straight to your account. Current Affairs has always been committed to giving freelancers favorable terms and paying them promptly and in full.

Our rates were last raised in 2020.

Our Partnerships

Running an ethical business is easy when the entire end-to-end process is managed entirely in-house and therefore entirely under your control. Unfortunately, in today’s world this is rarely possible, and we must therefore strive to consider the ethics of every organization with which we partner and whose services we use. We will never cross a picket line or pay sub-minimum wage, but we do believe that the onus for reforming poor labor practices lies with Congressional legislation, and the corporations who implement cruel policies and pay low wages. When selecting new vendors, we strongly consider our options and try to buy independent, local, union, and green, to the best of our abilities.

For transparency, we include here some of our largest partners. Information on all our merchandise will include information on the supply chain as soon as we unveil our new store (definitely by 2023). 

  • Stripe is a popular payment processing platform. Using such a platform is necessary to ensure the security of customer information. Trust us, you do not want us to develop our own. It would not work. View their privacy policy here.
Position Development
  • The Current Affairs website and subscriber management system are both developed and maintained by the worker-run company Position Development, which also provides services for Jacobin and Dissent.
Jon White
  • The beautiful Current Affairs website was designed by Jon White, with whom we work directly. Avoiding large firms where possible allows us to set terms and rates with workers directly without a cut of the check going to the bosses. Jon White also works with Chapo Trap House and The People’s Policy Project.
Allen Press
  • Allen Press prints and ships issues of the Current Affairs print magazine from Lawrence, Kansas. You can read about their social and environmental impact here. They are the largest recyclers in Lawrence.
  • Current Affairs shamefully orders some office supplies, video equipment, books, and props through the foul for the same reasons most people do: we are under-resourced to do a lot of things the correct and ethical way.

    Some of the books that Current Affairs sells are print-on-demand, and sold and printed through Kindle Direct Printing.

  • We use PayPal because unfortunately, it is currently our best option for paying our contributors promptly and with minimal inconvenience.

We use a local transcription company, an independent copy editor for the print issue, and have gone to significant lengths to find a union printing shop that can custom-print fabric and sew it into tote bags. We continue to try to improve as we select new partners and contractors!

Our First Promise

From page 2 of the March/April 2016 issue of Current Affairs (Vol. 1, Issue 1), we have set a strong tone for the magazine. Loaned from the British Museum for exclusive use on our site, please enjoy “Our Promise”:


  1. Why isn’t Current Affairs a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, if it is “not profit seeking”?
    • 501(c)(3)s under Internal Revenue Code cannot endorse political candidates or educate voters with evidence of bias for or against a candidate. Current Affairs strongly believes that neutrality, or non-partisanship, is a stance. The fairness bias works to reinforce the status quo, and is therefore inappropriate for a media organization whose original and continued aim is to “increase your sense of connectedness to the sufferings and elations of your fellow human beings.” If suffering comes from one place, person, party, or candidate, then Current Affairs must clearly denounce it.
  2. How can I pitch/ask a question about my subscription/get in touch with Current Affairs?
  3. How do you use my information?
    • Current Affairs will never sell your information. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
  4. How can I help?
    • We frequently receive offers of volunteer work or advice, which warm the deepest cockles of our hearts, but which we cannot accept because of our firm commitment to never pay subminimum wages. You can help by subscribing, donating, and sharing our articles to your friends, family, and enemies on social media.
  5. Did Current Affairs execute a hostile takeover of a popular electrical magazine?
    • No eyewitness accounts have been brought to support this outrageous claim.
  6. Did Nathan J. Robinson lie about discovering the giant squid?

Contact Us

Submit a Pitch

Pitches for articles, amusements, and illustrator portfolios may be submitted here. Emailed pitches will be ignored. Please consider reviewing our Writers Guide in advance.

Manage Your Subscription

You can manage your subscription, change your email or physical address, opt into or out of auto-renew, and download digital issues of the magazine by logging into the Current Affairs website! Simply click the Sign In button in the top right corner of the site and log in using your email or password. You can reset your password by clicking the “I have forgotten my password” link in this window.

Place An Ad in Current Affairs

You can’t. Nor a “sponsored post.” Or a sponsored hyperlink. We do not place ads anywhere on our website, except for the spare humorous and visually pleasing ad extolling our own products. Don’t email us about ads or sponsorships. Please unsubscribe us from your lists. Your emails will be blocked and reported.


Need to contact us regarding anything else? Email us at:

[email protected]!


You can leave us a voicemail at:

+1 (504) 233-4211.


Send us mail or visit us at: 

Current Affairs

631 Saint Charles Ave

New Orleans, LA 70130

Please email [email protected] to schedule a visit in advance, otherwise you may be met with a lovely anteroom but no humans!

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