Current Affairs: The Podcast

It is a felony under United States federal law for any newsmagazine over two years old not to have an accompanying podcast. Our magazine recently hit its two-year anniversary, so we’re pleased to announce… Current Affairs: The Podcast. 

Every other week our editorial team brings you a mixture of discussion, analysis, and whimsy. From the Current Affairs World Headquarters to your ear, our podcast is a refreshing alternative to the stale and tedious audio products to which you have grudgingly become accustomed. We’re cutting through the nonsense, bursting open ideological piñatas, and presenting a friendly, relaxed, and upbeat guide to the world of politics.

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Our podcast is being funded through Patreon, and we need your support to make it work. We want to produce work of comparable quality to our beautiful print edition, and to do so we will need listeners to help us out. We’ve introduced a heap of fun rewards for our donors, from books and magazines to the ability to ask us questions on the air. Most importantly, patrons are granted access to our special Bird Feed, which provides bonus episodes every week from the Current Affairs extended universe.

Seven members of the Current Affairs editorial board will be appearing on the podcast regularly as part of a rotating panel. They are:

Senior Editor Brianna Rennix (@BERennix)

Financial Editor Sparky Abraham ( @SparkyAbraham)

Amusements Editor Lyta Gold (@lyta_gold )

Legal Editor Oren Nimni (@OrenNimni)

Social Media Editor Vanessa A. Bee (@dolladollabille)

Editor in Chief Nathan J. Robinson (@NathanJRobinson)

Current Affairs: The Podcast will be hosted by the newest member of the Current Affairs team, Pete Davis (@PeteDDavis).


We want the podcast to be a two-way street. Leave us a voicemail at 504-867-8851 with responses, critiques, feedback and ideas — and we might play your message on the show.