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John Henry and the Divinity of Labor

Variations in the legend of a steel driving man tell us about differing American views of the value and purpose of work.

The Luddites Were Right

Gavin Mueller’s “Why You Should be Breaking Things at Work” makes a persuasive case for the Luddites. So why have so many people—including your favorite Communist philosophers—insisted that they were wrong?

‘Crunch’ Is No Cheat Code for Better Video Games

The arms race between studios is burning out developers, and nobody is benefitting except the bosses.

The Subminimum Wage Has Got to Go

Paying workers $7.25 an hour is cruel. Paying them even less is inhumane.

Amazon Is Caught In a Brazen Lie About Its Exploitative Practices

Bezos may be out as CEO, but the bullshit continues to flow.

My Father, the Butcher

A manual worker is not defined solely by the work they do.

Whole Foods’ Hippie CEO and the Lie of Enlightened Capitalism

For a guy whose memoir is titled Conscious Leadership, John Mackey lacks self-awareness.

Corporate ‘Mindfulness’ Programs Are an Abomination

Instead of providing employees with decent working conditions or benefits, U.S. companies suggest they meditate instead.

Nonprofit Workers, Unionize!

Until you can pay your rent with good intentions, you need the protection of a union contract.

The Wreckage of the Last Energy Epoch: Abandoned Wells and Workers

We do not need oil and gas companies. But we do need oil and gas workers.

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