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The Irrational Fear of Russia

The arguments made against Russia are often weak or hypocritical, and U.S. commentators still subscribe to a “Russo-Orientalism” that views the country as a mysterious dangerous Other.

“Citizenship” is a Scam

Membership in a nation is supposed to be a guarantee of equality and human rights. But, as two recent books attest, the concept of citizenship has been unequal from the start, and is increasingly decoupled these days from anything that even looks like safety, freedom, or fairness.

Chile’s Lucrative War Against Indigenous People

As multinational companies ravage Chile’s forests for profit, the Mapuche people are taking a stand.

Pariah Nations and the Illusion of Isolation

Pushed out of the mainstream, countries like Cambodia and Hungary are putting a strange new spin on globalization.

From Beirut to Iceland: Strife, Cinema, and Getting Unstuck

How Icelandic films became an unlikely source of solace and understanding in the wake of Beirut’s port disaster.

The True Story of the Rwandan Genocide

In her new book “Do Not Disturb,” Michela Wrong explores why the west was so eager to believe lies about the Rwandan genocide.

Mexico: Land of Pandemics and Hope, Perhaps

After decades of neoliberal misrule, the country is fighting to recover from more than just COVID.

Aid for Profit: The Dark History of USAID

For decades, the suffering of poor countries has been a boon for U.S. corporations.

How NGOs Abandoned the Middle East’s Radicals

The smiley photo-ops and peppy press releases of NGOs in the Middle East obscure the fact that these organizations are often an obstacle to real freedom.

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