Articles in Immigration

The Refugee Meritocracy

The “Refugees Got Talent” show enshrined two popular assumptions: the myth of the meritocracy and the concept of the “deserving refugee.”

Should We Just Open the Borders?

A look at the cute but troublingly framed argument for open borders by Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith.

The Deep Roots of Greece’s Asylum Catastrophe

As coronavirus threatens, the condition of refugees in Greece is increasingly “a crisis of politics, not capacity.”

Sensationalist Exploitation Is Unnecessary

On the failures of “American Dirt,” the successes of “Lost Children Archive,” and how to write ethically about ongoing crises.

What are Refugee Camps for?

Refugee camps are about control…

Somebody’s Baby

On what we choose to live with…

Trump’s Anti-migrant Rampage Migrates South

Mexico and Central America support or are complicit in advancing Trump’s anti-migrant agenda

Responding To “The Left Case Against Open Borders”

“Freedom of movement” is an important human value, and instead of restricting immigration we should unite against exploitation…

Across The Border

What’s it actually like in Nuevo Laredo?

At The Border

What happens when refugees make it to Texas…

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