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Movie Stars and Their Misguided Messiah Complex

Just because you claim to “create jobs” doesn’t give you the right to treat fellow human beings like dirt.

Forty Years Later, ‘9 to 5’ Still Speaks the Truth

It’s been four decades since the iconic Dolly Parton-Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin film dropped, and it’s as relevant as ever.

The Politics of Thrillers

Under the slick suits and high tension shootouts, America’s favorite thrillers are hiding something.

The Limits of Liberal Comedy

Why are liberals detrimentally unfunny, and what’s the left’s stake in comedy?

Borat As Milgram Experiment

The film’s lesson is not so much that Americans are bigoted, but that they decline to take moral stands when it counts. The implications should disturb us all.

“Mythic Quest” and the Pursuit of Anti-Capitalist Media

In mass media’s clutter of incoherent ideology, Mythic Quest aims an anti-capitalist lens inward.

What Does it Take to Be a Frasier

Why does lowbrow entertainment about highbrow culture speak to us? Aisling McCrea explores the snooty universe of Frasier.

What Gets Lost

Ciara Moloney revisits soaps and sitcoms lost to time, and the hyper-possessive rituals of copyright.

Revisiting ‘Legends of Chamberlain Heights’

The quickly-canceled Comedy Central show was raucous, ridiculous, and controversial—and exactly right for the current moment.

A Show of Genius

Welcome to a reality show where nothing is as it seems.

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