Articles in Architecture & Design

The Need for a New Garden City Movement

In the early 1900s, a strange and wonderful planning fad caught on. It can still help us think about building livable places.

The Royal Dystopia of Poundbury

A town with no people is not a town, but a deathly museum.

When Is the Revolution in Architecture Coming?

We need to build places we can’t stop looking at. It will involve lots of plants.

Seize the Elevators

On the coming and necessary abolition of the tower.

The Only Thing Worse Than A NIMBY Is A YIMBY

Pro-development activists try to trick you into thinking it helps the poor to destroy neighborhoods to make way for luxury condos. We need a radically democratic preservationism.

Jacuzzis in the Battlements: A Peek Into The Fantasy World of Grand Designs

We all want a dream home. Some of us might want it a little too much.

Democracy and Buildings

What kind of places would we build together?

Death To Minimalism

Take away the unnecessary, untidy, and intricate and you take away a place’s soul…

A Bit More Magic Disappears From The Universe

When we destroy weird, inefficient things, we take wonder and mystery out of the world…

The Wealth-Made City

Market logic doesn’t care whether it ruins everything you love about your neighborhood…

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