Last year, Current Affairs began a podcast, which intends to capture the spirit and flavor of our print magazine in audio form. If you like what we do in writing, check it out. You’ll find episodes on everything from Greek mythology to Elon Musk, and incredible guests like Noam Chomsky, Astra Taylor, Ralph Nader, and Molly Crabapple. So far, we have released approximately 130 episodes. We release episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and do a “main” episode every other week, featuring a panel discussion among our editors on three different topics. The other episodes are bonuses available to our Patreon supporters.

Below is a list of the episodes we’ve done so far. As you’ll see, there’s something for practically everyone.

  1. Main EpisodeJob Guarantees vs a Universal Basic Income, randomized college admissions, and our worst past beliefs
  2. Main Episode —”Liberal bias,” “Are landlords necessary?” and historical heroes
  3. Why “Freedom of Contract” Isn’t Really Freedom
  4. Main Episode — Right-wing grievances, “Can prison abolition work?” and making simple things complicated
  5. Should Bakers Have To Make Cakes? — Oren and Vanessa analyze the “Masterpiece Cakeshop” decision 
  6. Main EpisodeThe “crisis” at the border, a theory of political comedy, and listener voicemails
  7. Reality Television
  8. William Butler Yeats
  9. Is Education Necessary?
  10. Main Episode — The left-liberal divide, a plan for a “universal government log-in,” and our “silver bullet” ideas
  11. Review: The Supreme Court’s 2018 Term
  12. Main Episode — Listener Voicemails #1 
  13. Film Discussion: Sorry To Bother You
  14. The Labor Politics of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
  15. Main Episode — Getting people fired, the Abdul El-Sayed campaign, and our “most conservative” opinions 
  16. The State of Michigan
  17. Leftism and the Law
  18. Main Episode — What the end of racism/sexism might look like, packing the Supreme Court, and historical “what ifs”
  19. The West — with Daniel Walden
  20. Main EpisodeMatt Bruenig pitches social wealth funds and Lina Khan tells us about antitrust 
  21. Theranos
  22. Football
  23. Main EpisodeListener Voicemails #2
  24. Monopolies
  25. Room 101Oren and Nathan share pet peeves
  26. Main Episode“Is the personal political?”, the genius of Wikipedia, and some hopeful trends
  27. Central America
  28. Brett Kavanaugh
  29. Kavanaugh’s “Patriarchitis”: A Special Investigation
  30. Modern Monetary Theory
  31. Main EpisodeFiring men into the sun, Malaika Jabali on “economic anxiety,” and utopian communities
  32. Jesse Eisinger — The Pulitzer-winning journalist on how to fight corporate crime
  33. Better Call Saul
  34. Elon Musk
  35. Main EpisodeHalloween special: The murder of American democracy, “Is Halloween the best holiday?” and favorite unsolved mysteries 
  36. “The Rule of Law”
  37. The Morality of Wealth
  38. Prison Reform and the Death Penaltywith Sam Weiss
  39. Main Episode — The politics of tragedy, definitions of fascism, and hopeful things about electoral politics
  40. 2018 Midterm Election Roundup
  41. The Intellectual Dark Web
  42. Jedidiah Purdy — on law and neoliberalism 
  43. Main Episode — Listener Voicemails #3
  44. Indian Law — with Kendri M. Cesar 
  45. Fyodor Dostoevsky
  46. Leah Litman — on gender justice and the law 
  47. Main Episode2020 presidential hopes, “Is money speech?” and lessons from the right 
  48. Room 101Lyta and Brianna share pet peeves
  49. Greek Mythology  
  50. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
  51. Writing “Takedowns”
  52. Main Episode — The Green New Deal, loneliness in America, and political amnesia
  53. Christmas Movies
  54. Vaughn Stewart — A DSA elected official on how socialists can win
  55. Glenn Greenwald — on the rights of animals 
  56. 2018 Year-in-Review — with Katie Halper 
  57. Corey Robinon the conservative mindset, Donald Trump, and Clarence Thomas 
  58. Music — Side A: Music we love 
  59. Capitalism and “Freedom” — with Rob Larson 
  60. Political Comedy — with Luke Savage 
  61. The Working Class — with Max Alvarez
  62. The Immigration System
  63. Anarchism
  64. Mandatory Arbitration — with Sejal Singh and Beth Feldstein 
  65. Astra Tayloron democracy 
  66. Live Showour first live podcast in Washington D.C. 
  67. Noam Chomsky
  68. MusicSide B: Music we don’t like 
  69. Yasmin Nairon trauma, comedy, and the nonprofit-industrial complex
  70. Chomsky’s Work
  71. Main Episode — Listener Voicemails #4
  72. “Smart” Cities — with Ben Green 
  73. Anti-Semitism — with Katie Halper 
  74. Rhiana Gunn-Wright — on making successful left policies 
  75. University Admissions — with David Kim 
  76. Eli Valley — on art, anti-Semitism, and Israel-Palestine 
  77. 2020 Presidential Candidates (Part 1)
  78. Jamelle Bouie
  79. Ian Madrigalon theatrical protest 
  80. Tiffany Cabán
  81. 2020 Presidential Candidates (Part 2)
  82. Virgil Texas
  83. Jane McAlevey
  84. The Mike Gravel Candidacy — with the Gravel Teens 
  85. Main Episode why we fight, and “gateway drugs to leftism” 
  86. Abdul El-Sayed — on the politics of healthcare
  87. The Books of C.S. Lewis
  88. Liza Featherstone — on focus groups
  89. Main Episodethe value of technocrats, Bernie being a millionaire, imaginary cabinet positions 
  90. Marshall Steinbaum — on the myths of free-market economics 
  91. Natalie Wynnon her ContraPoints channel and the right’s dominance of YouTube 
  92. Marbre Stahly-Buttson Law for Black Lives
  93. Main EpisodeListener Voicemails #5 
  94. The Criminal Punishment Systemwith Alec Karakatsanis
  95. Matt Bruenig — on the kind of welfare state we need 
  96. Marie Ndayeon the reality of public defense work 
  97. Main Episode — “Adversity scores,” abortion as a litmus test, things that made us glad/mad
  98. Centrally Planned Economies — Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski on what Walmart can tell us about socialism
  99. Molly Crabapple
  100. Ralph Nader
  101. Karl Marx Part I — with Zach Wehrwein
  102. Karl Marx Part II — with Zach Wehrwein 
  103. Main Episode — animals and the left, the internet and “free speech,” new items for the history curriculum 
  104. Bhaskar Sunkara
  105. Pride Month Special — with Yasmin Nair, Conner Habib, and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore 
  106. Meagan Day — on her her proposal for universal sabbaticals
  107. Main Episode Harvard, our utopian festival, knowing when we’re wrong 
  108. Logic and Arguments — with Ben Burgis 
  109. Student Debt — with Allie Conti, Matt Bruenig, and Marshall Steinbaum 
  110. Main EpisodeListener Voicemails #6
  111. Eileen Appelbaum — plus Lyta Gold on a “world without men” 
  112. Chuck Marohn — on strong towns
  113. Chicago — with Micah Uetricht 
  114. Main Episode — AOC, watershed borders, experiences with animals
  115. Chris Arnade
  116. Malcolm X
  117. Mckayla Wilkes — on her effort to unseat Steny Hoyer
  118. Housing Special — with Amanda Korber, Rob Wohl, and Amanda Huron 
  119. Ezra Klein
  120. Mehdi Hasan
  121. Water — with Varsha Venkat 
  122. Main Episode — consumer boycotts, funding local journalism, and encouraging news
  123. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
  124. Barbara Ehrenreich
  125. Kade Crockford — On the future of surveillance 
  126. Johann Hari
  127. Thomas Frank
  128. Philip K. Howard — A former Trump adviser gets grilled

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