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More About Pete

Why support someone who gives no reason to trust that he cares about anything other than his career?

Learning From Jamestown

The violent catastrophe of the Virginia colonists is the best founding parable of American history…

Many Of The Arguments Against Wealth Taxes Are Pathetic

The arguments you hear against taking billionaires’ money are very bad.

Live-Drawing the November Democratic Debate

Our artist gives visual commentary on tonight’s proceedings.

The Urgent Need For Worker-Owned Media

Can media workers seize power away from the useless rich people who destroy everything?

The Pro-War Assumptions In Your Newspaper 

Anything that reduces our power is bad, U.S. empire must be preserved…

Towards a Democratic Socialist Foreign Policy

Some principles for better relationships with the world…

I Will Not Apologize For Having Friends

Upcoming transcripts from the Ellen show…

Live-Drawing The Oct. 15 Debate

Why watch when our artist will draw every important moment?

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