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Breaking Development

Our concept of “development” is destructive and irrational. It must be abandoned.

No Man Is An Island?

Why you should (or shouldn’t) take to the sea and build your very own micronation.

Responding To An Email From Dinesh D’Souza

I will not be appearing in his film “United States of Socialism.”

What Does It Mean To Be A Socialist?

An address to Texan Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) members.

Putting The “Nazis Were Socialist” Nonsense To Rest

Since they liquidated socialists by the score and opposed everything we believe, Nazis were not leftists.

We Must Save and Strengthen Our Precious Public Assets

If we do not fight for the commons, Jeff Bezos will own your life.

The Importance Of Making Everything Easier

Why universal access is good and means testing is terrible.

Review: “Triggered” by Donald Trump, Jr.

This is not a good book. But it could be a disturbingly effective one.

On Hating Democracy

A horrible Atlantic article makes the laughable assertion that we have too much democracy instead of too little.

Pelosi Must Go

It is not acceptable to have a party leader who portrays the progressive left as crazy.

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