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You Can Heal Your Life

The self-help genre has become a booming American export, and a precarious stand-in for mutual aid and mental health resources.

We Need More People Like Michael Brooks

The late left broadcaster was a pioneer in smart, accessible, funny political media. His work is a model for us all.

How Anti-Russian Propaganda Works

Russia is trying to “steal” vaccine research rather than “access life-saving information that should be the collective property of humanity.”

The Politics of Publishing

Fixing the publishing industry will require eliminating exploitation, not just improving representation.

Debating The Right Versus Collaborating With Them

A response to Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti.

Has The American Left Lost Its Mind?

No. Once again critics of the left are misstating the facts and distracting us from consequential issues.

How To Start A Magazine

A few pieces of advice for those interested in building independent left media institutions.

The Maddening Dishonesty of the New York Times Op-Ed Editor

They constantly legitimize hideous opinions in the name of “open debate.”

The Urgent Need For Worker-Owned Media

Can media workers seize power away from the useless rich people who destroy everything?

The Terrifying World Of Alex Jones

Infowars is more than just a way for Jones to get rich selling snake oil…

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