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Debating The Right Versus Collaborating With Them

A response to Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti.

Has The American Left Lost Its Mind?

No. Once again critics of the left are misstating the facts and distracting us from consequential issues.

How To Start A Magazine

A few pieces of advice for those interested in building independent left media institutions.

The Maddening Dishonesty of the New York Times Op-Ed Editor

They constantly legitimize hideous opinions in the name of “open debate.”

The Urgent Need For Worker-Owned Media

Can media workers seize power away from the useless rich people who destroy everything?

How The Economist Thinks

Is it fair to trash The Economist? You bet it is.

CNN Will Never Be Good For Humanity

Cable news is incapable of being a serious adversary to Donald Trump…

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