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Some Prescient Ancient Greek Punishments

Mythology gives us many rich examples of misfortune and punishment that we would do well to recall and, in some cases, revive.

We Don’t Know Our Potential

A new book argues that socialism is necessary because innate differences in intelligence expose meritocracy as a sham. Socialism is indeed good, but this particular argument fails utterly.

When Charter Schools Meet the Military Industrial Complex

Of all the corners we cut when distributing public funds, the effects on education may be the most insidious and unjust.

Joe Biden Is Not Winning

Biden’s “lead” is based on the assumption that 2020 cannot be like 2016. This is not a bet you want to stake an election on.

The Biden Campaign Needs To Get Its Ass In Gear Right Now

A worrying complacency has led Biden to avoid even attempting ground operations. Why would anyone take this risk given the stakes of the election?

Any Politician Unwilling to Act on Climate Is an Enemy of Humanity

Successful organizing around the Green New Deal has created one last opportunity to avoid catastrophic climate change. But only a mass popular mobilization can make it happen.

Debt Strike, Employee-Owned Businesses, and Other Surprisingly Simple Tech Fixes

With over 44 million Americans in student loan debt, we may well be each other’s greatest resource.

You Can Heal Your Life

The self-help genre has become a booming American export, and a precarious stand-in for mutual aid and mental health resources.

The Last-Ditch Talking Point on Climate Change

How to keep denying climate change when the inferno reaches your doorstep.

Abolition as a Project of Deep Democracy

As more and more Americans work to internalize the true meaning of abolition, Helena Carlson looks to the liberation efforts in Rojava.

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