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The Lights Blink Out One By One

On trying to see history from the perspective of a participant.

Why Amy Coney Barrett Should Not Be On The Supreme Court

Her rulings reveal a judge who serves the interests of Trump, telemarketers, debt collectors, bureaucrats, and cops.

There Is No Invisible Referee

In politics it’s not enough to win the argument or have justice on your side. You have to actually take and hold power.

Magic and Capitalism

Katie Jane Fernelius on the meme of magic, the sincerity of its deceit, and what we’re too eager to believe.

Gambling With Your Health

The capitalist idea of “efficiency” leaves us vulnerable to emergencies.

Why Ginsburg Didn’t Retire

If justices admit they’re political, their role in government becomes much harder to defend. No wonder Ginsburg clung to her seat.

Commerce and the World of Toys

Toy companies have perfected the art of making something for children, without the children in mind at all. Incidentally, so have democrats.

Some Prescient Ancient Greek Punishments

Mythology gives us many rich examples of misfortune and punishment that we would do well to recall and, in some cases, revive.

We Don’t Know Our Potential

A new book argues that socialism is necessary because innate differences in intelligence expose meritocracy as a sham. Socialism is indeed good, but this particular argument fails utterly.

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