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The Path to a Progressive America Runs Through The Cities

Municipal politics wields huge influence in transit, housing, and policing policy. It’s time for progressive groups to invest in Mayoral and City Council races.

The Patterns of Florida

What makes a place worth being in?

Movement in Palestine

Getting a new perspective at the Palestine Festival of Literature.

A Youth Climate Movement Rises in Northern New Mexico

Youth United For Climate Crisis Action arises alongside the Black Lives Matter movement in the chaotic circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

A Quick Guide To What Is Going On With The Economy

Understanding the coronavirus recession.

You Deserve To Be Protected At Work

Every worker is entitled to be safe from being abused, infected, or arbitrarily fired.

The NBA Returns Like a Mournful Fart

Basketball is back. Hooray?

They Will Kill The Post Office If They Can Get Away With It

The Trump administration is very open about its long-term goal: privatizing it. We’ve got to stop them.

It’s Time for a New Labor Movement in the Performing Arts

With performing arts still mostly shut down due to the pandemic, it’s time to plan a better industry for when they return.

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