Articles by Lyta Gold

Congressional Candidate Jamaal Bowman on Education, Socialism, Poverty, and Peace

The candidate for New York’s 16th district discusses his approach to education, poverty, peace, and more…

Self-Congratulatory Hollywood Mix-n-Match

If you are a celebrity and need to show that you are Very Concerned, never fear! Current Affairs has you covered.

The Enclosure of Ideas

Instead of restrictive copyright, let’s just make sure artists are well-compensated.

Revolutions Are Good And Should Happen More Often

There are good revolutions, and sometimes uprisings against an unjust social order are necessary.

A Prosecutorial Mad Lib

Officer-involved shooting edition: explain why you are choosing not to issue any indictments.

The Attacks on Tara Reade are Unbelievable Bullshit

No, you’re not “asking questions,” you’re using rape apologist arguments.

Stop Trying To Make Andrew Cuomo Happen

You don’t want him as president. You don’t really want him as governor either.

What Liberal Feminism Leaves Out

As powerful individuals are celebrated, some women’s lives are treated as mattering more than others.

Presenting The 2019 “Griftie” Awards

We live in an age of great rip-off artists and hucksters. Today Current Affairs honors their achievements.

Get in Losers, We’re Doing Socialism

The Society grapples with the challenges of socialism in practice…

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