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How Big Is a Billion, Really?

How much is a billion, really? Well, it’s more than the human brain can even begin to conceptualize. But if you’d like to try, Current Affairs has the illustrations for you!

Interview: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on Why Racism Has Been Profitable

The author of “Race for Profit” on how capitalism has restricted Black wealth accumulation.

Practical Jokes to Play on ICE/CBP

Protesting day and night until police officers quit from exhaustion has proven to be an effective tactic. At Current Affairs, we would never suggest that you *should* play pranks on ICE and CBP agents until they too quit out of frustration. But if you *were* to do so, here are some innocent suggestions.

Rhiana Gunn-Wright on Insurgent Left Policy-Making

In an interview originally recorded last year, Rhiana Gunn-Wright explores leftist policy, consensus-building, and when not to sweat the details.

Naomi Klein on Climate Change, the Green New Deal, and Determination

The coronavirus has eclipsed all other news, but climate issues are as real and as imperative as ever. Naomi Klein sat down with our editors to explain what the stakes are and what options we still have available.

Interview: Dr. Abdul El-Sayed on the Politics of COVID-19

Public health doctor, epidemiologist, and former Detroit health director discusses the politics of the coronavirus.

Interview: Heidi Sloan on Running a Left Campaign in Texas

The DSA congressional candidate talks about how to organize effectively in a “red” state.

Texts From Elon Musk to His Engineering Team

Actual texts between the Tesla chief and his team of designers.

Timothy Faust on “Health Justice Now!”

An interview with healthcare expert Tim Faust about single payer.

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