Articles by Brianna Rennix & Nathan J. Robinson

The World of Wodehouse

A delightful place to enter. A risky world in which to live.

What’s With Nationalism?

Is nationalism “natural,” or is it artificial, silly, and indefensible?

Responding To “The Left Case Against Open Borders”

“Freedom of movement” is an important human value, and instead of restricting immigration we should unite against exploitation…

Death and the Drug War

Facing up to our responsibility and thinking through solutions…

The U.S. Media’s Failure To Report On Violence In Mexico Is Inexcusable

The press is keeping Americans ignorant of some of the most important news in our region…

Is The Stupidity Of Our Age Unique?

To those worried that the Trump Era represents a unique low point in human rationality, take comfort: we’ve always been like this.

The Trolley Problem Will Tell You Nothing Useful About Morality

It turns us into horrible people, and discourages us from examining the structural factors that determine our choices…

Why Not Have a Randomly Selected Congress?

Selecting the House and Senate like juries would not be ideal, but it would definitely be better.

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