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Informational Packet For Iowa Voters

A quick reminder before you caucus.

My job here at Current Affairs is to help make politics intelligible. In the 2020 Democratic primary, voters will have to make an informed choice among the candidates. This can be difficult. Fortunately, over the last year, this magazine has published some helpful and comprehensive articles to assist. Here is everything you need to know about the election, with links for further information!

Note: The official Current Affairs position on politicians is that they should not exist. I personally write many articles about why I think voting for Bernie Sanders is extremely important, and have been harshly critical of the candidates who are not Bernie Sanders. But I don’t work for him, have no connection with the campaign, this magazine has not “endorsed” a candidate, and its writers are independent. We shall be harshly critical of all who think they deserve to wield power.

Joe Biden

  1. Is a horrible person who will do nothing for the country
  2. Would lose catastrophically to Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren

  1. Would also lose to Trump
  2. Is not reliably progressive
  3. Is impossible to trust

Pete Buttigieg

Don’t even get me started. (However, if you are in Iowa, don’t discourage his supporters, because in Iowa he’s helpful for Bernie and we need him to break 15 percent)

Amy Klobuchar

  1. Will not win this election

Michael Bloomberg

  1. Is literally a Republican plutocrat trying to swoop in and purchase the nomination (also a huge sexist)

Bernie Sanders

  1. 50 year track record of fighting for you
  2. Bold, inspiring agenda to make the world better, and the ability to organize and get it done
  3. Would have won in 2016
  4. Will kick Trump’s ass in 2020

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